Sometimes, your child's teeth need some dental work to enhance or restore his or her oral health. Some children face higher natural risk factors for decay, damage, or disease than others. The dental professionals at Perfect Dental Care are experienced, patient, and delicate enough to revive any child’s precious smile.

It’s critical to not ignore any dental problems that your children experience, although they'll affect “baby teeth” only. The health of baby teeth have an immediate effect on the emergence process of adult teeth, and any cavities or diseases involving baby teeth can have serious consequences to your child’s diet and overall health and wellbeing. As dental healthcare experts, we recommend that each child visit the dentist for an oral health examination every six months to get his or her dental cleaning and to assess any treatment which will be necessary.

If your child has any special needs or health issues that you feel our doctor should know about, please call Perfect Dental Care at 212-239-7027. It is very important to notify us about any special services your child may need in advance.